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Welcome to PDI
Perishable Deliveries provides refrigerated and frozen LTL delivery service to the Mid Atlantic serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware and Washington D.C.  From our terminal in Baltimore we can hold frozen and fresh food products, handle truckload deliveries with multiple shipments, as well as cross dock delivery. 

We deliver to warehouses, institutions, schools and residences. We can do liftgate service.  With all of these resources, we are all powerful asset in any supply chain.

We are your solution to increasing transportation regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminisatration has ramped up the pressure on carrier executives to manage driver fatigue and improve hours of service compliance.  With today's traffic conditions, delays loading and unloading, it does not take much to put a driver at risk and your company out of compliance. 

We offer solutions:  Drop one or more shipments fresh frozen or dry at our facility for delivery by our proven fleet.  We can rework your trailer and correct a trailer that is loaded wrong.  We can hold freight for later disposition or pick up at a later date.

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Mike Keadle
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3921 Vero Road Suite H
Baltimore, MD 21227
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"Mike is a professional that we can count on & rely to get your objective fulfilled. It's a pleasure to work with someone that's positive & gets the job done. Valuable person to have in the logistics industry and an asset to any Supply Chain."
-a satisfied customer
Products Handled

  • Food Ingredients 
  • Meat Products
  • Candy  
  • Dairy
  • Beer and Wine
  • Desserts
  • Produce
  • Seafood
                                    3921 Vero Road  Suite H
                                    Baltimore, MD 21227    
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